She Literally Embarrassed Me Online

My girlfriend and I got into a fight yesterday. I had told her not to do something for my sake, but she stil did, which hurt. She didn't talk to me the rest of the day, since I got pretty pissed off at her. She wouldn't answr my calles or my texts, and today i find out she posted a vid on Youtube about me titled "Five Things for Girls to know if Your Boyfriend is Controlling." I watch it, every singlething her and her friends say are about me. She says i call her too often, I don't let her be, straight up ******* Bullshit! She also points out that any girl who has a boyfriend like that needs to know how to handle him, and if they don't, just to leave him be. She calls her friend smart for not having a "controlling" boyfriend, yet calls herself stupid.(I'm her boyfriend, if she's stupid to be with me then ******* break up!) I've asked her many times if she would ever make me feel like ****, and she said no, never. Now Im starting to think that she does stuff like this behind my back.
unknownHeart55 unknownHeart55
18-21, M
Oct 11, 2012