The people at my work drive me ******* nuts. They take advantage of one of my co-workers who is a good guy, and others walk around like they're the **** of the walk telling me what to do although they have nothing to do with my department...I tend to be one of those people who get furious at what I see as unfairness...for example, this one lazy old saleswoman constantly goes on vacation, leaving all her work for the other (nice) sales guy, and us. The boss is never here but when he is, he has no backbone so the lazy old **** gets away with it, making a huge salary (like she has been for decades). I get paid just over minimum wage BTW.
I am just so ******* tired of this place. I am afraid to leave tho because there aren't a lot of jobs...and I want to learn how to deal with this without blowing a gasket...but I don't know if it is possible.

I am just so tired of ******** being bossy and taking advantage. I never know how to deal with it and usually end up getting in trouble for having a bad attitude. The fact is, I am extremely affected by other people and their attitudes/emotions and I have a lot of trouble "ignoring" things I see as wrong or unfair.

I am starting to think maybe some kind of subtle rebellion or revenge is a better way to go but in my experience I always get in trouble for acting out....

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions before I ******* go nuts?
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1 Response Aug 22, 2014

Look for a new job and when you find it and have an offer on the table make your move away...

As for getting really angry, I am the exact same way, I am 90% sure I broke a knuckle last night because of anger and I often find myself getting pissed off very quickly...
So far I haven't really found any method of keeping calm the works consistently, but I have found taking 10 minutes and allowing yourself to use the angry energy while working then sitting down and closing your eyes an taking big, slow breaths helps :)

All the best!