Best Friend Starting To Really Annoy Me

One of my best friend and I have been very close every since 5th grade. We have been through everything, guys, mean girls, everything. We are in 9th grade now and are still friends, but lately she has really been annoying me. One example is halloween there was these two guys one I sorta liked, so i called him. And ovecorse she ends up snuggling with him. And then we hanged out with the guys again and some other people and again she snuggled with him. They ended up going out and then broke up 2 weeks later. Another example is when i txt her she never replys unless she needs something. Another example is that we were talking about one of ur close friend and a group of girls she has been hanging out with are really annoying and we don't really like them anymore. And a couple days later I look on facebook and see these pictures on her page with her and the girls we didn't like. Another example is that she loves to be in the center of attention and it gets really anoying constanly talking about her. If I end up endding this friendship it will be very ackward because she gose on the same bus everyday so I would have to sit alone. What should I do??? HELP!!!
An Ep User An EP User
Jan 13, 2013