My Occational Anti-socialism Some Times Controls My Career

So here's my story.  I've always had the dream to become a makeup artist.  I finally got the courage to just go for and I got my certificate to be a professional makeup artist. After about 2 and a half years I really havent gotten too far in my career. Why is that? Fear of not being good enough regardless of that fact that those that have seen my work think that it's amazing and tell me how talented I am. Also the fact that from time to time I really just dont want to be around or talk to anyone. For my career this is extrememly hindering.

I try so hard to get myself out there, to be social and network and keep on working to continually improve myself. My boyfriend and friends have always had my back and encourage me for every step I take. I just have such a hard time breaking that barrier that says I just dont feel like being around anyone. It also doesnt help that I get bit by the lazy bug a lot too. But, I think that mostly comes with the territory of my just not having enough confidence in my self.

It's not even that I dont have a good personality. When people meet me they think I'm a lot of fun and at work I'm quite pleasant with the clients. I really want to break myself free of it and when I tell people they say if you want it just do it. It's not that easy and it's actually stressful and depressing. It's nice to know that I'm not the only one that feels this way, but getting over it would really help me with my career, which honestly is pretty sad.
mertiff mertiff
Jun 9, 2011