I'm Gullible But Sadly My Mom Is Worse, Lol

OK, i admit that i am a gullible person but my mother is in fact more gullible than even me, so instead of sharing one of my pathetic gullible story, i will share one of hers, lol.

YEARS ago, say about 40 yrs, my mother had to have her appendix out. Well it's not major surgery, but any type of surgery is no picnic. After recovering, my father, who is both extremely brilliant AND has a bit of a sick sense of humour told her (He's a doctor) that it was unfortunate about the appendix etc..... and that sadly for her it meant that she could no longer drink. Well because he was a Doctor, since she told him that she stopped drinking even the smallest amount of alcohol, believing that if she drank alcohol she could do some SERIOUS damage to her health. WELL literally YEARSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS go by, and my mother would go to party after party never even taking a sip of alcohol.

Well eventually, since most of the parties they attended, were with other Doctors, a friend (also a Doctor) asked my mother if he could get her a drink. She quietly said to him, that she couldn't as she had her appendix removed. OK I'm giggling while i write this. Well this man looked at her like she was somewhat nuts, and said ..... So? Now my mom was a bit confused, i mean how could this Doctor NOT know that drinking without an appendix could lead to some SERIOUS health issues. She politely declined, while the two of them looked befuddled at each other.

In the corner of her eye, she glanced over to my Dad, who had been listening to everything, she noticed that evil twinkle in his eye and slowly started approaching him. Well he knew the gig was up!! So when she asked him if it were true that she shouldn't drink without an appendix?!? He started to chuckle and told her FINALLY that of COURSE she could drink!!

Well we all laugh about it now, but she seriously went for about 10 years (no lie) going to party after party alcohol free!! Now i did preface all this that my father's humour can be a bit sick, because maybe 6 months would have been enough before he confessed, BUT honestly had it not been for the other Doctor offering her a drink, TO THIS DAY, i believe my father NEVER would have confessed!!

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3 Responses May 9, 2007

hahahaha... how naughty of him!! :D And yes, going without alcohol isn't the worst thing in the world ever, despite what some people would say.

That is funny...some people can find a joke funny for a long time...I love it!

oo i liked your story alot it, but yes we are all gullible in many ways.