Idiot Extraordinaire

Ten years ago I relocated to another city leaving behind many old friends. One I hadn't seen since contacted me months ago and we developed a long-distance relationship.

Recently divorced, I knew he was still going through the process but he convinced me this was not true. I believed him and moved back. Last week I broke it off with him; he was not as well-adjusted as he behaved.

Now I feel like a foolish child. I wanted to help him and in turn see if something else developed but I wound up feeling used by the last person I thought would ever do such a thing.
elle elle
41-45, F
1 Response Oct 3, 2006

Don't be too harsh on yourself - when we make mistakes with the best of intentions, we do ourselves credit. You've still got your integrity and your sense of wrong and right intact. He, on the other hand, does not. I think it's a credit to you that you were brave enough to make the commitments that you did.