Need To Hear What To Do...

I have been dating my boyfriend for 2 years.But these days I feel that he is not my kind.We can never have future..he is so hard.He act me very unkind sometimes and I always endure in silence..I will leave him but also I am afraid of missing him.I sometimes think that t I cannot live without him.I am so weak,and he knows this.I am also so sure I cannot do with him,he cannnot make me happy..But I cannot leave him..All I need is some power but I don't know where to find..I need some powerfull advices and experiences to hear.Help me...

emilya86 emilya86
18-21, F
2 Responses Oct 20, 2009

leave the cretin---as soon as u have enough $ saved up----i know for me one paycheck does not cut it in life. but even being poor is better than tolerating cruelty. be kind to yourself, and remember whatever it is you are feeling for someone who HURTS you---it sure as hell is not LOVE.

Same story goes with me ...i m dathing him from last 2 years and he is so rude to me he never take ny interst n me he never show his love .............sometimes i feel like leaving per i cant as i love him so much ........and he know i wd rather say he is so much confident that i cant leave him.......dont know wht to do