Confused About Life

I'm confused about life.  Then again I'm not really.  See...I know what needs to be done, how I should live and what will ultimatly happen in the end (death).  The thing that confusses me is more about God and what the **** His big plans were because they seem to be really evil to me.  Life is such an aweful sucky thing when you really think about it.  I know theres alot of teenagers out there who whine all the same about how life sucks but they're just being little brats who really don't know anything about life.  Just wait until they start to see the clearer really does suck.  You can adopt an attitude to accept sucky life and you'll find yourself starting to enjoy it a bit more.  You can tell yourself it's all about love and family and this and that but everyone's got a different life and some things just wont work for some of us.  Not everyones had abusive childhoods but for those of us who have we don't have an understanding attitude from others who haven't.  For those of you who had nice pampered happy little lives you don't see any problems in the world... you don't care as much about what's happening with the sick and abused and poor and hungry. still sucks even if yours doesn't.  Someone's life somewhere will always suck big time no matter what you do in your life.  I can't seem to enjoy my life because I can't ignore the fact that there is suffering every second of the day somewhere.  There are children being hurt, there are people going hungry, there are so many HORRIBLE, BAD things ...... how can anyone say life is great? life is good?  those tree-hugging do-gooders who only think of themselves.  If you can say your life is fine and life is good and beautiful and blah blah blah then you're just a selfish stuck up person who doesn't give a **** about the real thing.  Real life is full of pain and it's never a happy thing.  that's what confusses me about life.  WHat is the ******* point of it all?
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man idk either im so confused to man

I know exactly how u feel. I'm so confused aswell. I know what to do but I don't know why I don't want to do it. I feel angry all the time at little things. Sometimes I just want to kill everything. Destruct the universe. I'm so tangled in the little things about life and I dont want to care about all the big things in life. I hate living in my home. I always used to think that my prince would come and we'd be a happily ever after. When u see real life then you'll see that there is no such thing as love. No prince would come. I'm not even interested in relationships anymore. I'm not satisfied with myself. Being short, fat and ugly is one thing. Not having a proper family also is a minus point. But I don't mind that at all. I don't care. But life seems so depressing. Dull. <br />

i do not know , but the thing is yes , keep trying , and maybe a lot of things work out it self . at least this is what i tell myself these days .haha haha .<br />
<br />
i am not dating anyone for like 8 months , and 26 .fairly good looking . not working too hard . still keep trying international business . feel not attracted to guys from my own country . loves to smile , loves movie . feel good to say these here . confused and hate myself when things iplanned to do is not finished .hehe <br />
<br />
my parents get used to boss me around .<br />
now anyway , just wanna bla something out .haha <br />
<br />
have a good day

yeah i know the feeling... and this person telling you how to treat eczema, hah well i ironically also have it... seriously. and its irritating, i wonder if thats what secretly makes us spiteful people. or maybe we actually realize there is no point to life but to grow old and give the "amazing" "gift" of life to others one day and then give them ****** advice when theyre growing up just as miserable as us. either way, i know i'm preaching to the choir here, but i guess if it helps your not alone. and if you feel bad for people you could either become a missionary or a cop, cops dont really help but they do sometimes.

what if u already ruined your life a long time ago? and what if u know What needs to be dont to fix it but u canyt seem to find what your doing wrong. im always tired i just dont know how to explain it its just everything is numb all the time.

Life<br />
it is exactly what you make it..<br />
its your gift. you choose where it goes.<br />
<br />
we all want to change everything in the world,<br />
but the real truth is that humans are animals,<br />
homo-sapien.. <br />
<br />
the sole distinction between our evolutionary predacessor the primate and the brand new race of homo-sapiens is that we live in a world of nature, but matrixize ourselves in our own collective consiusness, some becoming slaves to it until death.<br />
<br />
being apart of a society that also matrixizes itself makes it impossible to be perfectly content while unmatrixized.<br />
really in general the collective consiuessness of mankind needs to sit down, take a deep breath, realize that we are brand new creations of nature, and havn't yet reached our limits, we are about 1/100% to have reached even a modest timeline that creations before us hold.<br />
example.. age of man 200,000 years<br />
age of canine 40 million years

Why Is Life So hard??

In spite of terrible things having happened to me while growing up, I know I'm still very fortunate and lucky as there will always be people who have suffered much more.<br />
<br />
What I'm trying to get at is, since those days things are doing much better now and while not perfect, I'm content with where I'm at. I'm not stuck up nor selfish and I do care a lot for people. The only reason I came across your profile was because your daughter and I have something in common, eczema. I wanted to tell you what worked for me when I clicked in here and it's a little upsetting that while you might be confused about life there's no need to lash out at anyone whose feeling life is good or fine.. everyone's got their own story. Anyway I had mild eczema and felt its effects for a few years until I changed some small things which may help your daughter though its very basic. I cut out soaps entirely and switched to pH balanced body wash/gel . I reduced the time of my showers and the heat from the hot water, changed to a healthier diet & wore clothing which did not irritate my skin as much. I also moisturized always kept a bottle with me to cool myself down. Hope this helps