I'm Just Hurt!

I loved this man for so many years and for him to want a divorce, just kills me inside. I know I haven't been the best wife, but I do try. I guess it was good enough or maybe I'm not good enough. It seems everyone I love leaves me. My mother choice her boyfriend instead of her family, my father wants me to leave his house because his new wife doesn't like me, and my husband wants a divorce. My husband is ******* me off, more then my family who apparently doesn't give two cents about me. He, my ex now, is playing me like a fiddle. He wants me, he doesn't want me, he loves and misses me, hes filing for divorce. WTF! Seriously! My father, who I stood by and stood up for during his divorce to my mother doesn't even want me around. He told his new wife, "Well if she's the problem, maybe she should move out." I don't see how in any way I'm a problem. She doesn't cook for me, she doesn't clean for me, she doesn't support me, she does nothing for me, NOTHING. My mother, well she left and never choose to look back. I hate them ALL. I have no love for anyone or anything. They all turned their backs on me after I have been there for each one. I mean I must be really messed up for everyone to leave me.

lost4life lost4life
22-25, F
1 Response Feb 16, 2009

I'm sorry you're going through such a hard time. (((hugs)))<br />
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I agree with celticface. Try not to blame yourself - as hard as we want them never to happen, they do happen.<br />
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It is difficult to see now but this is a chance to look into yourself and find the only person you can always trust. You'll see that once you find yourself, you'll quickly find other people you can really rely on.<br />
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All the best!