The Chronic Sting Of Betrayal

I'm not the kind of girl who has boyfriends. I'm very . . . unique. So when I had a boyfriend it was the best thing that ever happened to me. My dream came true.

I stayed with him through my first year of college and it was bad because he was the only thing I had. A little over a year ago he dumped me because I was suffering from severe mental illness and I didn't want to go on the path he wanted--which was to be a drug dealer.

He hurt me once by leaving me. My best friend started to hang out with him and lying to me about what she did. I felt more hurt by what she did than what my ex did to me.

I thought it was all over but my roommate, someone I thought of as a sister for three years started buying her weed from them. In fact she had them coming into my house! It was very upsetting for me, and I started to become obsessed with my ex again. She is still buying from him, and is friends her he and his girlfriend, and it hurts me more than anything. I can't even tell people about this, or them because it's not my business to control people.

I just want to stop obsessing about this. I want to get over my ex and move on, fully. I want to find love again. I want to get out of here. I want the pain to stop.
TeaAndCrumpets TeaAndCrumpets
Nov 29, 2012