I have a friend, im in love with this girl omg im in love with this girl. I changed my number to get away from her and blocked her from one of my fb accounts. I left one open for her to email because herdad is dying and i felt bad cutting all contact with her. Well i gaveher my number finally again afterabout a month of not talking to her. I miss her soo much and im happy talking to her agian.. I still hve hope we can still be together.. we were Friends with benefits for awhile but i got hurt cause she kept talking and seeing other people thats y i changed my number. I just dont know how to feel about talking to her again.She said she misses me to but idk if i should believe her i know she is screwed up in the head right now and she is numb and i try to give her the benefit of the doubt but its hard now she is also my ex from 3 yrs ago.. This is uncharted territory for me.I just wish i could see the future cause im really tired of being alone..But she is the only one i really see myself with and the only one i have ever loved.
phe1986 phe1986
26-30, F
Nov 30, 2012