Living With Someone Who Shows Nothing

i have been with this guy for two years, living with him for 15months the past 6 have been a completed waste of time. I know going through the change. Which he how use as the excusse not to touch me even more, i feel like a slave as i wash cook clean the flat while hes on the laptop from the time he gets up to the time we go to bed thats at weekends as we both work during the day, and when he comes home from work the first thing he does is swtich the laptop on .i did catch him out when he met someone for a couple of hours, so i packed mystuff he said i want you so like a idot i have stayed but i am so unhappy. thought he would have tried hard to show how much he cares how wrong am i feel such a fool. what to leave now but i will have to do it the cowards way only because he shows that he dose care, i think it will be the best christmas present to myself if i can do it, i am so
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1 Response Dec 2, 2012

get out fast,whats he looking at on the laptop?you are responsable for making yourself happy,put yourself above all