Why Is He Doing This?.

Me and this guy were dating for about 2 months, he completely inlove with me and we would talk 24/7 everyone was jealous of our relationship, he lived 4 hours away but we still saw each other often, But i have to break up with him because he was controlling and had anger issues and would always yell at me but he could not live without me. He was so upset but i had to end it after all the yelling and raising his fists at me he managed to carm down. He still messages me saying he still inlove with me and he wants me back and all this other stuff and how he is never going to get over me and that he crys all the time. BUT..He is trying to get with other girls, hooking up with them and trying to get roots from chicks by messaging them on facebook and dirty chatting them, He leads on about 10 girls, Yet still trying to get back with me? I told him i know everything but he still says "courtney, i am inlove with you!, Do not stop talking to me!" I was going to give him another chance because he did treat me good, but after what i got told and the stuff he is doing, i just don't understand.
The last guy i kissed was him and the last guy i flirted with was him..because i thought it would hurt him way more if i was going around trying to hook up with boys..
I am so confused. He rings me up saying "please i am begging you to give me second chance" but yet all these other girls? Hooking up with them, having sex with them and trying to find girls.
Why!? i just do not understand.
Yourbeautiful2012 Yourbeautiful2012
13-15, F
Dec 12, 2012