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Who Are You???

Ive been cleaning out my circle for three days. I dont like going over 50 friends. It gets too hard to keep up with everyone. Im not a friend collector. I like to truly keep up with people. It keeps saying I have 51 friends!!!!! But when I go to my circle it says 50!!!!

WHO ARE YOU 51??????????????????????????

And Ive checked everyone...they are all friends and not just someone in my circle....

Punk1n Punk1n 31-35, F 13 Responses Dec 19, 2012

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Can I challenge one of your friends for a spot on your list? :D

Hah hah ....

Who-who, who-who?

I know the feeling. I cull regularly. I can't cope with having too many people to keep up with.

-by The Who



I am glad you kept me in your circle of friends.

Bare Hugs

I am the Walrus. Coo Coo Ka Choo!

Personally I like being under 20...and at this moment I have 24 friends (which is nice and all)...but, smaller circles are a bit more authentic and intimate. I might have to drop a couple here and a couple there...
Any suggestions for me?
See any shady characters in my circle?

Ill take a look after i get some more coffee in me dear


perhaps it is me......since I am only half way into your circle....

o.O is that you mystery number 51????

sorry..50 1/2

YES!!!!!!!!!! IT WAS YOU!!!!!! WOOHOOOOOO!!!!!! I WAS GOING INSANE!!!!!!!!

lmao....I'm kinda whiny aren't I?

And from this day shall be known as ...punkins 51....***angels sing in background****

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All part of my plan to get you back. When the dominoes finally start to fall and intricate mosaic of you impending doom comes into full view. #51 will have the last look into your dying eyes.

well I wish you would get on with it Copper...I am just DYING to know the outcome of this...

the ghost of ep past

its literally driving me insane edie...i **** you not...

.lmao i believe u