Who Are You???

Ive been cleaning out my circle for three days. I dont like going over 50 friends. It gets too hard to keep up with everyone. Im not a friend collector. I like to truly keep up with people. It keeps saying I have 51 friends!!!!! But when I go to my circle it says 50!!!!

WHO ARE YOU 51??????????????????????????

And Ive checked everyone...they are all friends and not just someone in my circle....


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9 Responses Dec 19, 2012

Can I challenge one of your friends for a spot on your list? :D

Who-who, who-who?

I know the feeling. I cull regularly. I can't cope with having too many people to keep up with.

-by The Who

I am the Walrus. Coo Coo Ka Choo!

Personally I like being under 20...and at this moment I have 24 friends (which is nice and all)...but, smaller circles are a bit more authentic and intimate. I might have to drop a couple here and a couple there...
Any suggestions for me?
See any shady characters in my circle?


All part of my plan to get you back. When the dominoes finally start to fall and intricate mosaic of you impending doom comes into full view. #51 will have the last look into your dying eyes.

the ghost of ep past

.lmao i believe u