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Well here's the thing.. I'm in a relationship with a girl. And damn I love her so freaking much!. I do. But I've been thinking to myself? What sexuality am I?? All my life I have been with guys and they have all treated me like crap to be fair.

With my girlfriend its like I love her for who she is, I mean yes she is absolutely beautiful and Noone can tell me otherwise cause she's a wee stunner!. But her body parts arnt what I'm interested in.. It just her i love and everything about her. I'm just wondering to myself am I a lesbian or am I a girl who has fell in love?

I don't find anyone else attractive . I don't wanna be with anyone else she's all I want.. And my life is guna be with her. So I guess if you wana call me a lesbian then hey call me a lesbian but I actually dunno what my sexual orientation is??? All I know is that I'm in love with a girl haha
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2 Responses Jan 5, 2013

awww this is absolutely the cutest thing. Your whole love story is cute. But about the sexual orientation thing, well... who says you have to label yourself? its your right to love. if it happens to be a woman and you are both happy then thats all that matters :)
if someone asks then you can just say you're open to love and gender doesn't make a difference.

GOOD LUCK! :D i wish you two all the happiness and love. You guys are sooo cute.

You don't need a title right beside your name. But it is important to talk with your girlfriend and also a sexual therapist can help answear your question's. In the mean time take care and enjoy life!