ok met someone here. we talked a lot usually with no effort. yet somehow something changed. don't know what that is yet as I haven't talked to him in almost 24 hours. kinda scared to find out. he is such an amazing guy not sure if I happened to say the wrong thing to make him not want to talk. he works 6 out of 7 days longs hours. it is not like we have to talk or text most of the time . would spend time if he had any to spare but that just isn't possible at this time. why do I have such self doubts in myself that I possibly pushed him away, after he made life somewhat bearable again. just in case he sees this. I do miss you wish you would tell me if I did something wrong. hope we can work thru it. will always care
aloneagainnaturally2014 aloneagainnaturally2014
51-55, F
Aug 16, 2014