So, my head at my job, Sam. She's 23, I'm 21. I didn't really ever have a thing for her and I'm kind of slowly starting to now because I've been working a lot when she is so we talk more. She's really pretty, she's got adorable freckles on her face and a beautiful smile. She also has a good body. Recently I've starting thinking maybe she kind of has a thing for me or she's just being really nice. Maybe it's just her being nice. But I recently kind of messed up at work and had to sit down with her and the manager and she kind of defended me or said that I wasn't the only one at fault. Then she kept me in the back room with her the rest of her shift doing projects after that. Other things is she always when we talk about something, gets really close to me so we're touching or she even at one point walked across I front of me so that there was no real room of getting out of her way. Like I said, she's pretty and if she is coming on to me then awesome. I don't know what to do about it though..
Taylor1993 Taylor1993
22-25, M
Aug 20, 2014