I just wanted to share an experience that I'm confuse about. I hope someone gives a time in reading it and give a little advice :)
I'm in a relationship with my first boyfriend. I'm 21 and he's 23
He's the best! I can see he's a very loyal guy and would never cheat on me. Doesn't have bad habits like smoking or addicted to alcohol. I met his parents and they were great and I got good feed backs. In short i love him so much. But one thing that bothers me, he never treats me in our dates. We pay our own food, and everything we do in our dates. That never bothered me at first. Because I understand he doesnt have a job. But when he got a job for a month, he get to treat me for two dates. And another thing is i'm very thoughtful to his family every bdays or events I get to give a gift and attend. But for him :( he had never bought a single gift to my family..... He bought something once, when i told him to buy one. I'm not being materialistic here.... I'm just thinking is that a good sign for a good guy?? I really love him.... But I sometimes feel that i'm making efforts to his family but he's not like that to mine. Plsssss help :( is it me?? Or what??
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That might just be normal for him, if it truly bothers you i would ask him about it or bring it up in a nice way