No I Have Many Friends, But I ...

No I have many friends, but I am not too cool to always have more and I don't stay in my comfort zone .I have alot of diverse friends because I think everyone has valid opinions and ideas.
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2 Responses Apr 14, 2007

yeah isnt it funny how we choose our friends? each I think giving us a part of what we would like to be?Sometimes I wish I could be more sponatanious some of my friends are, also I to have friends that are very educated and its fun to share and learn things with each other. I wouldn't only want friends like me because I couldn't expand myself it would be like being locked in a closet with myself. thanks for the comment ! its great to have someone who shares the same ideas!

I have a diverse group of friends also. Some are loud. outspoken, some well educated, some are not well educated at all, I mean its crazy in truth because I am kind of shy and reserved in my own personality. I rarely hang around people who are like me. I always thought it was funny to hear that old ex<x>pression "Birds of a feather flock together" I dont think that is true at least not in my case.