Cockloving Sissy

knew i was a sissy by 13 and enjoyed being dressed as a girl! also loved to suck ***** so that i could drink their ***!!! just the sight of a **** turns me on when i am dressed as a sissy! even enjoy drinking my sissy ***!!! however once dressed i enjoy being a sissybitch and love ***** and gettincum from them!!!

mandiejune mandiejune
51-55, M
1 Response Feb 10, 2010

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i was enjoying being diapered and dressed as a sissy at a younger age than you. and although after puberty made it's explosive debut all over my mom's hand, and i enjoyed being milked from then on. it wasn't until i after my mom passed away and on my own. that i got to finally enjoy my lust for sucking ****. but, i made up for it! as a fulltime (t)gurl for 30 years. i must have enjoyed sucking so many ***** every week. that know i swallowing enough *** to fill a 55 gallon oil drum!<br />
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and, just like you mentioned. once dressed, i'd drop to my knees, anywhere and anytime, for anyone's **** to suck. if it didn't matter to them, that anyone was watching. i sure as heck didn't matter to me!<br />
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thanks for sharing.<br />
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