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I have been a crossdresser most of my life


One day, when i was married my wife came home and caught me in pantyhose and bra and ************


She was not amused!

She told me I was a sissy and only fit to live as a woman


Since that day, I have never had sex with another woman

My wife found men to use me - i was forced to suck their *****

I had to suck their *** out of my wife's **** after they had ****** her


She would laugh as men ****** me


I love my role now - I only dress in women's clothes and look for men to suck their *****



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8 Responses Mar 7, 2010

Honey; what i would do to trade places with you... i've been a sissy all my life, first sex was with a male. i love living with a woman, but prefer sex with men. So your situation would be PERFECT for me.....

Josie - yes, I love pleasing a man

Maybe your wife thought this was punishment, but if she knew how much you liked it ... well, maybe it would not be fun for her (laughing as men have you) any more.<br />
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Nothing wrong with pleasing a man, I like it myself.

You may nt get to make love to her but to be able to clean the sloppy seconds and fluff for her would be so wonderful! She makes you dress at all times also. I would proudly clean her and drink her nectur if that is what pleased her! I think you have it all!<br />
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gijoe<br />
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She won't let me :(

So lucky for you!

You're very lucky. It has worked out well for a sissy.<br />
Keep up the entertaining. <br />
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Gneena<br />

Thank you for commenting<br />
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It is very humiliating but a great turn on for a sub sissy