I Wish...

Right now I am in the living room, crying and feeling so lonely. Most of the time I would like to disappear, I think that everything would be easier if I didn't exist. I can't tolerate the pain anymore, the loneliness, I feel empty and so scared! I wish things were easier but it seems that everything goes wrong. I wish I was in a better place.
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3 Responses Jul 16, 2010

I understand your situation and believe me I do. Suicide is not the last solution at all. There is a way out and am sure you have not heard this yet. The demons can get you what you want as long as you know how to wield their power through the universe. I have been a demonolator, summoning demons to help people for the past 3 decades. I have seen powerful things happen through the intervention of these Spirits. It's black magick and very powerful. Wealth, improved health, better job, these Spirits can offer you as long as you keep you end of the bargain. You can contact me: cliff.mystic@yahoo.com, cliff.mystic@gmail.com

The **** is wrong with you?

I know the feeling

Think about your son,he needs his mother.I read your other story.I would take your son and go back to Mexico.It can get worse if you dont.And hes teaching your son that this is the way to treat women.