I Hate Me.

I feel like all I want anymore is to be done with it all. My life has been one disappointment after another for along time now for me and everyone around me. I lost my marriage of 22 yrs when she left me for another, who was married with kids also. That really started the process into my spiral into deep depression, then I met a woman that was the world to me and I thought her also, she left me after a year for another also. I went into total shut down I don't eat, talk to anyone anything anymore. Iv not been with anyone for over a year now and cant even think
About it. I miss her so much and love her and have expressed this to her many times, I know she dosent care or want to even talk to me. I didn't do anything to her but to love and support with everything She gave me a life again and love AMD promises that she would love me forever. She didn't. I hate my life and just want it over. Can't stop the hurt or shut my mind off
from thinking about everything. One way to do that. I am scared, but seem to accepted my choice. Peace.
gaveup gaveup
Dec 11, 2012