Depression Is Like a Demon Stealing Your Soul!!!!

 Depression is like a demon stealing piece of your soul each day. It lets you out once and a while, then drag you back in. You make deals to be free for a moment, then your back in.
 It robs you all the happiness inside of you, making life dull, like taking the taste out of food. Life is not fun any more, once and a whgile you get to have some fun, and your aloud, then it comes crashing back!
 It makes you act certain ways, messes with your mind, makes you think that your loved do not love you, want to be with you, touch you, or your partner make love to you...when it is the depression making them uncomfortable because they do not know how to deal with it, your partner does not know how and certainly is not turned on by that.....depression is a demon of the soul!!!!
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2 Responses Feb 16, 2009

Everything you said is so very true. I know it all too well.

I believe that there is a time in every ones life they have felt depression.For some of us it stays till we can stand up to it.In my case it choked the very life out of me for 7 long years.I was on meds and in classes every week.I read stacks of books,I studied psychlolgy,I listened to tapes you name it I did it.One day I even talk to it I took control and would not let it get a word in edgewise.I learned I needed to be my own person not what who everyone else wanted me to be.I learned to detect when it tried to pull me in,having all the knowledge you can learn, day by day not given it a chance,letting it know you have no room in your life for it!You will see the most beautiful change.Don be afraid of it be bold and get mad and stomp on it, you will soon be in control!I will be thinking of you,you will be in all my prayers.I really care.<br />
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