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Member Madness!

O K, EPeers!!! Stand up and TAKE NOTICE! We have NEW members joining this site every minute!! And WHAT DO THEY SEE??!! An activity board FULL of bickering, cat-fights, hurt feelings, long standing and valuable members Leaving or Threatening to leave......

Arrrrg! *holding achy head*. I want to push a button and put half of you in Time Out in your own little "box" to write a 500 word essay on WHY you like this site, WHY you want to stay, WHY you want to work things out.... immediately to be presented to EP main board before you are allowed back out to "PLAY!"

What part of "ignore negative members or comments" DO YOU NOT GET??!! It's not hard! Keep your cursor off negative stories, hateful memos, ect. Keep your finger off the mouse if you feel the urge to "Click"!! And STOP feeling so d@mn sorry for yourself if someone wishes to "disagree" with your view, or even straight up doesn't want to be your friend! Go surround yourself with someone more possitive, agreeable, trusting, and benificial towards friendships and valuable information and learning experiences! Some of you need to put your b@lls of steel away; others of you need to grow some! Either way, we need to start acting like responsible, mature humans that are here to forge continued friendships, and Welcome and Support NEW users searching for a caring, responsible, respectable, FRIENDLY, SAFE Site!

emerald emerald 36-40, F 32 Responses May 21, 2008

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i've been a member of this site for maybe an hour? I am so grateful for it, so far I've only seen posts by those who need a sympathetic ear and havent seen any bickering/trolling. This is an amazing site and initially i didnt trust it, couldnt be so altruistic. I am near 50, going through another crisis instigating growth, and have tried to respond posts with loving kindness and with the wisdom i've gained in my years. I wish this had been available when i was a teen. There is an important thing happening on this site and i hope people will keep that in mind, and will focus on helping people on the path to healing, we get here for a reason.

you ARE MY HERO.<br />
<br />
I would like to give you my own superhero mode of Llama.<br />
I am undeserving, but you...YOU are llama worthy!<br />
Well said.

You can't see it but I am reading in that picture. I am reading "Emerald Guide to EP Etiquette" in preparation of being the best Emerald stalker on EP. You asked this morning if I was scared of you. The better question is do you think you can keep up with me? lol

LOL, Forever! Now and then, it doesn't hurt for a story like this one to RE emerge and remind us NOT to fall back into those negative ways I wrote my displeasure about! :) Just don't IGNORE me too long Forever... I'll tip toe over your way and PUSH you off that comfy bed you're curled up on! ;D

I pledge to follow the "Emerald Rules of EP Conduct" # 1 being Ignore Ignore Ignore.

Amen <br />
<br />
Great posting.


Bring those ribs down here to Texas... we know how to smoke 'em right... *winks at Odie*<br />
<br />
Em, great post... :)

Breaks from EP should be mandatory. There is a real world out there, separate from EP. I think people sometimes start to confuse EP with the real world.

I do, I do..and potato salad.....and watermelon. But I can't host the party because it is rainy here.

CMR... you are safe.... for now! ;)<br />
Mother, I agree.... Boo to cat fights! <br />
<br />
Who's with me for Fireworks and PORK CHOPS!! ;P

Em....I bow to you. You have expressed something that needed to be said in a very clear mature way. I have avoided this drama intentionally. I must say that I have even avoided EP because I didnt want to see my friends fighting.<br />
WE are adults. We aren't going to agre with everyone...or even like everyone. But we can all be nice to each other....really it isn't that hard.<br />
Hugs to you all, CMR<br />
Do I have to write an essay too??? *Fingers crossed...please say no...please say no.*

I say boo to those cat fights.

Keep the piggy around for the July BBQ. : )

Just logged on to see all these possitive, wonderful comments! :) <br />
Glad to hear many of you have planted your flags and feet here for the duration of the Good, Bad, and Ugly! lol. But for New Members' sake, we need to plant more of the "good". (and for my own sanity, I think!)<br />
On final note: Kitty, you can stick to the original 500 words! You're punished enough with the Piggy! heheehehee. Kidding! I luvs the Piggy, and I think you two are Darlin together! ;)

EP is my virtual home now, and in any home there is sometimes disagreements. But in the end it does get better, so I'm here to stay. Thanks marcus101, if someone tries to pull out your flag just let me know.

em gets an A+ for the day...

Stand your ground JJ *whispers... em get the whip and I'll hold her*

I don't get this...if you don't like someone, why don't you leave them alone? ********. I am glad I don't have a problem bickering with people. Right on, Em.

I couldn't agree more Emerald, very good story/advice.<br />
I also agree that Odie needs a time out.

blackmagic:<br />
<br />
EP is bigger than a few things going haywire. Consider how much it has given you and give it a little more time for things to clear.<br />
<br />
The number of cool, amazing, intelligent, kind, wise and loving people here will ALWAYS ensure that I stay, so I am here for the duration...<br />
<br />
*plants marcus101 flag firmly on ground*<br />
<br />
And em, great post. If possible, I will block your resignation as mayor of EPville at every turn...<br />
<br />
LOL - sorry about that! (hee)

aawwwww... well said darlin', well said...<br />
<br />
Em rocks!

As Always such wisdom from the Jewel of the Nile!<br />
Thou are a Jewel indeed...<br />
Whenever you mix this kind of varied folks there are indeed going to be disagreements. The wholesale ganging up and looking for prey practices of recent times is odious and has driven many old members either away or caused them to be less open for good reason as critiques and attacks seem to be the new idelogy instead of the friendy supportive fun atmosphere of a year ago. Well put mylady. ***bows to Lady Em ****

Em, you da woman!!

*Hugs magic* Hang in there! I promise we have ALOT of Good, it's just being covered with alot of stupid drama at the moment! <br />
Thanks Woo, and Others for comments!<br />
MSP, I don't think MnM would appreciate me accepting your proposal! ;P

Mello, anything positive will do, I'm sure.

Way to go girl, EP needs more people like you. Only got here yesterday and all this fighting is scaring lil old me.

Em, exactly.

Thanks for understanding, ya'll! Now let's go make some others understand! ;) <br />
Quirky, my First job as Mayor would be... RESIGN!!<br />
Mello, looking forward to your Essay.<br />
Marj, I'm off to read your blog now.<br />
T., lol to virtual eye-scratching! Sad, but true! And well put!<br />
Piggy, DON'T make me put you back in your little pen! <br />
Kinky... THANKS! ;P

OMG Em will you marry me!

...I can't believe that even virtually people are scratching there eyes didn't think EPville could become a tuff town!

amen Em!