What A "best Friend."

I've been there for you since driver's ed freshman year. That was years ago and we have been close as can be since then. The only negative thing I had to say about you was your choice in guys. You've been dating the same guy for two years. He was your first everything. Honey, you picked a terrible guy. Don't you see how manipulative and controlling he is over you? It has caused us so many problems in the past.
When I met my boyfriend of a year now, things starting changing, but for the better. Now that I had someone else in my life, I had no reason to worry over how much I hated your boyfriend. Then when our boyfriends met, and liked each other, it made us even closer. We all hung out together more than me and you had our own time anymore. It was still nice, though.
Since my boyfriend joined the Army, you have been telling me all along "I'll be here for you," and "any time you need me, I'm here to help." I believed you.
Now, Chase is off at basic training. I never see you anymore or even hear from you. You're always with your boyfriend. You know how much this summer means to me considering I'm moving within the next month. I wanted just me and you time. Even if some of it was just us sitting in bed and me crying on your shoulder from missing Chase.
Yesterday, I texted you begging for some time of just us soon. You said you are currently 45 minutes away staying with your boyfriend at his dad's house and you'll be there for a couple of days. I said I understood.
Today, I asked you if you would go to the 4th of July rodeo with me, and said you could bring your boyfriend if you wanted to. Your reply- "I'll probably be here for a couple weeks. Scotty doesn't want us to go."
My dear friend, nothing has changed. I just haven't been paying close enough attention all this time. He still parents you, telling you what you can and can't do. Sad thing is, you don't mind. And you listen to him.
Well, I guess I won't be seeing you again. Goodbye.
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Your welcome :)

Awww sweetie I'm sorry!! This is really sad and even made my cry. I know exactly how you feel. It's hard loosing a friend and it sucks to know that the person dosnt care. But friends are temporary it's very rare when a person will stick with you through everything. Shake it off and close that chapter in your life. Usually when you transition from teens to adulthood these things happen. My mom warned me about this and so did my older sisters. You will meet new people and amazing people just don't revolve your world around anyone but yourself and your soldier. Have friends and go out and all that good stuff but when someone goes let them go. It's hard and I too had to learn the hard way but you will hurt yourself by doing that And it will be for no reason at all because no one is worth making you feel bad.

you're right. i'm not even gonna try to reach out to her anymore. if she wants to talk to me, fine. if not, so be it. but i won't be begging her to give me her time anymore. its obvious that she would rather be up her boyfriend's a**. so who cares. i have bigger things to focus on and i won't let this stand in my way. :) thank you!

Yeah don't be the one chasing after people. And yeah if he wants to hang just like my "friend" I more then gladly give her time to come over or something but if not I'll invite her somewhere and if she dosnt respond or she's "busy" then simple I just do things on my own with family or other friends.

exactly. i'm not gonna bother with it anymore. she clearly doesn't want to spend time with me over her boyfriend so he can have her. i'm not making it a battle anymore. :)