I entered a level of disappointment about 5 minutes ago. I was on Instagram scrolling through my feed, when I came across a photo from a fitness page I follow. (Inspiration is always good.) There was nothing wrong with the picture. It was the comments. 347 comments. More than 200 of them directed at a ten year old girl bragging about her "8-Pack" and being only 50 pounds.
I'm not sure which part disappointed me more: the fact that a bunch of adults were verbally attacking a ten year old girl, or the fact that some ten year old girl's parents would give her an iPhone and let her go on a site such as Instagram. I won't lie, this girl seemed pretty damn narcissistic, I mean, she was bragging about her "perfect" body and her page description even says "I'm GORGEOUS and I KNOW it!" and "Sadly Single :(" I mean, what kind of parent would raise their child with that kind of attitude? Maybe this is because I'm not a parent myself, but I would never let my kid use such harsh social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, etc. when they're so young and vulnerable. That's why most social networking sites have an age requirement of 13+. There are predators and people who aren't afraid to verbally abuse kids just for being on the site. It's not a safe environment for a child. Ten year old kids should be playing with toys and going to the park and still holding their parents' hands in public so they don't get lost. I was barely allowed to use the Internet until I was 13. This girl's profile pic was her in a strapless cocktail dress. I can understand giving a child a cell phone. My parents gave me one when I was ten, but that was because they worked and we stayed home alone for a while when we got home from school, so they wanted us to call them when we got home so they knew we were okay. (We don't have a house phone.) I wasn't texting and calling people nonstop. My phone would collect dust because I barely used it. But I didn't have Internet access or a smart phone or anything like that. I had a flip phone. I still have it in case my current phone breaks and we can't replace it. It's still a perfectly good phone. My point is that kids today are being spoiled and not given a chance to be kids. I was a Girl Scout. I went camping. I sold cookies. I sang songs to the elderly. I was raised to be nice to people. Not to start fights with children.
I'm seriously disappointed with this generation.
ReesesPeaces ReesesPeaces
18-21, F
Dec 9, 2012