Study And Earning Money.

My name is Norn Swiss. I am a person who are often disappointed. I have found the solutions, but I can't see the points improvement. So how can I do? In the Future, I want to be an English teacher or English professor. So How can I study to be one? I do not have money. It makes my life so miserable. I can not do anything. I do not have the real knowledge like my subject "English language". I have finished this subject 8 months ago. I can not find a good job to do. I want to study more to get master degree, but I can not. I want to find a new business in order to earn money,but it is seem fail. The first time, it is very easy to do what they have told me to do. Unfortunately, It is not like I have thought. I thought I would be rich soon because it is the real job that I have found. Everything is empty because I do not have money to invest. They need 1000$ and I have to do the marketing. I have to persuade whoever I know and other people who are rich. If I have found more and more costumers, I would be quickly wealthy. It means I have free money, time, and health, I was told. During that time, I have wanted to study, buy a new car, and house. I have been very happy. I thought everything around me have been money. I am in the dream. I can not wake up. And nowadays, I want to buy a new car and a house. Then I want to marry to whom I love. If I have everything that I need, I am a great person. Then I would like to help other people who have lived under the poverty. I make the places for them to work, help old people and illness people and other. But now How can I do to reach that goal? Why can not I do? Please give the advise and tell me how to do it. thank you in advance.
Swiss99 Swiss99
26-30, M
Dec 13, 2012