Well They're Not Really My Friends, But They Were So Nice To Me At The Beginning.

I am Lorenzo, im 22 years old and I study art. My best friend, left to Colima on the summer. So I stayed alone. I was starting to talk more and more to this gay couple who  I thought were really cool. They own a restaurant and they're handsome. They're wealthy, they're popular, and one of them is the brother of this 14 years older than me guy I had a crush on. So on their restaurant's anniversary I met him (the guy I used to havea crush on) and we made out.
Then I found out, these two guys had really known me from sight for like a year and I had no idea who they were. Their restaurant is also an art gallery, and once I visited them they were so nice to me, like giving me free drinks, and food. We talked about art, and they really listenend to me and treated me as a respected artist. I dont wanna brag about myself, but most people think Im really something in art, and my classmates are jealous of my talent, these two guys on the other hand, were nice to me so I kept them in mind.
Then my mother died, of cancer, these two guys then found out about that, and asked me to go visit them which I did. I started visiting them, once a week, then twice a week, then three times a week, then from wednesday to sunday morning's 10 am at some after party. They were really cool to me and I thought we were friends, then this guy, ill call hm Bob, asked me to teach him art history, and I agreed, he'd be giving me a nice italian dinner, every week, and every thursday I'd teach him a different art history lesson. Then yesterday I went to their restaurant with everything prepared, I even gave their sister a painting I'd made and sat and wait for them to be free so I could work. Bob had told me that morning, that yeah, 6pm was scheduled so the class was still on that day.
I got in there at six oh five, and then this other guy, which I happened to know got in there too, and Bob talked to him, he's another artist, so I felt less special they were also nice to him, God i feel so stupid now.
And then this other woman came and Bob's boyfriend, ill call him David, talked to her. This woman is a sister of David's acquaintance. She wanted to talk to them because she was going to open a new restaurant. So i waited for like and hour, it was 7, 30 then and David's sister took me out to buy shoes, so i didnt stay, and left, at the same time, the other artist, and the other woman left, well not exactly at the same time but more of like 5 minutes after. So i felt sad and didnt want to teach, and its not like they asked me, or i had gone there to teach them because i wanted their attention, which i did, yeah, but they had booked me.
I later on came to the conclusion that, if they were really my friends they could've told the woman that they had a class with me, and they had it at six, it was an appointment, and she just got in there with no appointment, and they decided to talk to her over me! and we had made a deal, that was so rude of them, I then learned they dont really care much about me,or maybe even at all.
Couldn't they just tell her that? the worst thing is, i stayed there until 1am, because they felt sorry for me, and wanted to take me home, after midnight they gave me dinner, Bob didnt give me dinner once his sister, her date and me and some other guy arrived, because i didnt stay and teach him nothing that day, he soon said "i completely forgot"
He even sad, I pittied you today, which was an awful thing to say, and the worst thing is, I still want to be their friend.
There's an opening today at their restaurant, and I shouldnt go. I mean I should have some dignity, or maybe I should try to forget. And just go and maybe things will change.

I mean im a scorpio, so i can easily stop talking to them, but I mean, how?
I mean they dont care about me, maybe they just forgot that day, because the other days they were so nice to me, and all.
Or maybe they were just nice to me because they wanted something. And I stupidly thought, they were my friends.
So maybe they were not my friends, but i was excited to hang out with them, and their way of treating me as an artist, I certainly do not approve yesterday's thing that happened, I mean how uncosiderate of them, I feel terrible, I am embarrassed of myself, my self esteem is way under the floor.

David did admit feeling bad about what they did to me that day, he's nicer, Bob he's bitchy, but ironically he's the one who wanted me to teach him he's the one who asked me to be there by 6, I mean i was just the victim.
It's not like i just went there and stuff, they had booked me but instead they decided to have me waiting, and ignored me, because all of the other two unbooked people got in there.

They didnt even say "im sorry"

And the day before yesterday I was telling my friend Carol that these two guys were really sweet, nice and great to me and she wasnt right about them, because she'd told me all people were **** and mean. And i was like yeah people are like that, but these two guys arent.
I still think theyre great but how can i just go to a party with them again and ignore what they did to me?
they're not trying to make it up to me now.

And from the way i see it, they didnt notice what they did, they booked me, but didnt listen that was lame, shame on them, and shame of me, because i still want to talk to them, still   i want to go to their party.

i shouldnt go to show them how upset i am. but frankly, will they care?

lorenzodamasco lorenzodamasco
Aug 6, 2010