Kinda Disappointed About My Birthday....

Hey all... just got done with my birthday bash tonight. Everything was all fine and all, but something's been bothering me about it. One of my best friends, I mean "best", got for me two gift cards for Regal Theaters and Subway. While I was fine with the Regal gift card, it seemed kinda weird that she would get me a gift card for Subway, of all places. She thought that I go to Subway all the time. I mean, I used to, but I eventually got sick of it, and haven't really been there for years. Where on earth would she have that impression?

I would have been fine if it was from someone I didn't know too well. But we've been great friends for three years, and the previous birthdays, she would get me like clothing, cologne, etc. Not a gift card to some fast food place.

Not to mention, a few days before, she insisted on me giving her a birthday wish list, to which I obliged. It wasn't I was picking $100 dollar stuff. Why go all through that, when she decided out of the blue she would get me random gift cards. If it was gift cards, I would have been fine with stuff like Regal Theaters, Amazon, Best Buy, etc. But Subway? Seriously???

I'm not really too upset or angry, but it seems really odd.
stephenweng48 stephenweng48
22-25, M
Dec 2, 2012