Stood Up

So in a past entry I talked about M and B.  It has recently came to light that M and B caused most of that situation between me and S.  Doesn't matter.  I was willing to forgive people that have nothing better to do in their life than cause problems between people.  But I'm not willing to forgive people who stand me up on my birthday.  M, B, and I had made plans weeks ahead of time.  Now because M and B don't get along with any of my other friends I didn't bother inviting anyone else.  So I was left alone on the eve of my birthday.  I invited some people on the fly.  It was fun and everything but it wasn't the usual blowout that I have.  I don't deal with disappointment very well and people know this.  Although I'm bummed out, I'll get over it I'm sure.  But that doesn't mean I'll be speaking to M and B anytime soon.  I'm no one's puppet or loner.
theophania theophania
22-25, F
Jan 14, 2007