I was diagnosed with Tourettes 3 years ago, when I was 9. Since I was about 5, I'd been twitching, squeaking, making random noises...I'd inherited it from my Dad, who inherited it from his Mum.

At first, I was quite pleased that I had Tourettes, although I only ever told people when they asked why I kept twitching. I was finally glad that there was a name for it. I remember one time, when I was about 7, we were in the Supermarket and my Tourettes was fairly bad because I was relaxed. Then one man stood there, just staring at me. I was only young so I wasn't bothered then, but when I thought back I felt really embarrassed and hurt.

Just as I was moving up to secondary school, Pete went on Big Brother and everybody thought that having Tourettes meant you had to swear. So, when I casually mentioned to a girl that I had Tourettes, she blew her top and went round turning everyone against me, insisting that I didn't have it. She made me cry so many times, she was so nasty. She even turned half of my friends against me. There was only a small circle of people who stuck with me. She made me feel so bad about having Tourettes, she made me feel as though I was a criminal. And, because I don't have verbal Tourettes, I had no way of proving it. I'd been to a Psychiatrist and everything, but she still refused to believe me. Going to secondary school had been stressful enough, I really didn't need that.

I'd never felt so bad in my whole life. I was being bullied by almost everyone. However, after a few weeks holidays, she forgot about it, and I have never been so glad of something in my entire life.

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I hope life has gotten better for you now. I'm completely amazed by tourettes. Obviously its hard for you to live with and hard for you to deal with other people's ignorance. But you're unique!

ignore ignorant people

***Silly me, I've only just realised how old your original post is - 4 whole years ago so you won't be a child anymore and may have even left school and gone to college and into work even

I have Tourette's (TS), I've had it since I was born and I'm now 60yo and yes it can be depressing and it's such an unusual condition that, for some bizarre reason, people tend to lookat and treat you very badly because of it. I think it's fear. fear of the unknown. I know lots of peiople with TS and things do get get better for you as you get older, as you get more mature, as you start mixing with mature people who like you despite having tics. Atm you have to deal with kids at school that you have no choice to be with it's compulsory. When you leave that place all the people you deal with are those you choose to deal with<br />
I've met Pete from BB and he's a great bloke and in the same year I was in a BBC2 documentary called Beyond Boundaries about 11 people with disabilities walking acrosss Africa. It was on for four weeks and I became a bit of a hero because of it and both me and Pete raised awareness of TS by portraying a positive side of the condition and even popularised it to some extent<br />
Oh and btw, you do have vocal tics because you make random noises. You can't have TS unless you have both motor and vocal tics<br />
We have an online support group called that some of you might find helpful, there's also people your age on there and they also have a seprarate childrens section

People can be terrible like that. Last year a kid in my class who had two tics butnot tourettes syndrome would talk to me about it alot and I told him about my tourettes but then on he made fun of me which was kind of unfair seeing we both had the same type of problem

The horribly ironic thing is that (at least for me), when people either just point it out, or make fun of me for any tics I might have let slip, it get's exponentially worse, which feeds them.

I think you are very brave to put up with this terribly selfish, mean, ignorant girl. <br />
<br />
You are different. You are unique. That is what makes you SPECIAL. <br />
<br />
I bet, for every one cruel, mean person like this girl, you wil find two nice, good people that will be your friends. Focus all your energy on the good people and forget the bad ones.

it's a shame how some people react due to their own ignorance. That person who tormented you in school didn't know anything about Tourettes, and instead of trying to understand she decide to be a total *** about it and make fun of you. I'm sorry you had to go through that. I'll bet that experience made you a little stronger inside, able to put up more with people who don't understand your illness.