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So, I'm a university student who have no close friends or family members that I spend a lot of time with or have long conversations with or talk with all through the day and night. I feel so alone. Most of my life, that's how I felt. There's people who have people in their life to keep them happy and motivated. I feel like I don't have that and I have to sort of be a leader and be strong enough to fight on my own like to do well in school, feel confident for presentations, to keep myself happy, to go after goals. It's like I have no one really push me you know.

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3 Responses Oct 3, 2013

I interviewed 3 girls last week All Uni students. When I explained the part time job All said they were considering being Toy girls for Sugar Daddies. After hearing the conditions I may apply myself. xx

I feel the exact same way. It is so hard a lot of the time. I can relate to you a lot with what you're saying.

seems like you are the one supposed to be encouraging others,