Dont Forget About Us

There would be people i would remember from years ago, and if i were to meet them again, they would forget me.  I was never really the peoples person,  I dont like to talk much. There would be people i once was in the same class and if i were to add them to facebook they would be like Who are you? Why did you add me?

Maybe I am easily forgotten because i didnt make a good enough impression. Or maybe im not that typcial **** that talks to everyone and anyone.

Sometimes its okay to be forgotten and sometimes it hurts to be forgotten. i just want to have friends that accept me for me. This may sound like i  am desprate but really i know many people feel like this. like they need a friend to support them with anything life throws at them.

Thank you for listening.

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2 Responses Jul 24, 2010

aw, thank you confusedcindy!<br />
i will think of you from time to time also. <br />
thanks you once again!<br />

hi burnedmystery...yup there are many of us like story is a little different...i was always loud n noticed...but also once out of sight...forgotten. like you i am not sure how or why it happens..but i do know has created an empathy in me...n i sense in you too...that is very productive in reaching others who feel this here is a hug for you n remember will never be forgotten by me...i will think of you from time to time now...esp when this subject comes up in my mind...n it is huge consolation to know what you have shared here...bless you..n you are perfect as you are xxxx