Why Do We Embarass Ourselves And Allow The Rest Of Europe/the World Nod Their Heads And Say "see I Told You They Were..."

I have just returned from a week away on a Greek island. Beautiful scenery, very kind, welcoming and laid back nationals etc. Every time I am abroad, I am always respectful to the way of life locals expect. Good manners don't cost anything but show a lot about you as a person. However, whilst i was away there was a Brit drunk and trying to instigate a fight with a foreign man ( I think he was German). It was so embarassing, especially after all those riots. Why can't certain Brits just have a sensible, social drink? You don't need to get wasted. At the end of the day, who are you impressing and what sort of an impression are you giving of our country? It's always us Brits you hear about causing trouble in Ibiza, Rhodes etc, never any other country. You are either proud of your country or not, but please stop letting us down and embarassing us.
AyoIrl79 AyoIrl79
31-35, M
Aug 25, 2011