My sister has worn me out so much that I no longer know how to react anymore when she throws a new insult my way or asks me whats wrong continually thinking I will give her a new answer. She will literally ask me whats wrong about 5-7 times a day and she seems to think I will answer differently each time. She gets bitchy with me for no reason and then ******* me out when i ask her a simple legitimate question. Whenever im in my room trying to get some peace from her **** she will text me and ask what im doing in my room. She purposefully disregards my privacy and refuses to show any kind of human consideration, It's like the **** thinks she's exempt from from treating me with decency and respect. I have put up with all her **** and ive been nothing but supportive for her when she lost her job 3 times ive been there whenb she was dumped by her boyfriend, ive driven her drunk *** home after drinking a **** ton after her breakup, ive dealt with her ravings and bitching. I cant even leave because ive been told if i want to move back home she will kick me out and make me homeless instead. I am beyond trapped and there'snothing i can do in this situation. Im deeply depressed and i feel hopeless and dead inside.
Vanessa321 Vanessa321
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That sucks and is definitely a tough situation to be in. This story also makes me glad to know that I'm not the only one who doesn't see family as a blanket of comfort. Honestly, I hope everything gets better for you and that your sister gets off your ***. Best of luck :)

thanks I will need a ton of luck