The Count Down Begins!

Growing up in a broken home really helps put into perspective everything that marriage is not about. I am looking forward to getting married to my fiance for what I hope are all the things marriage should be about. I have never been more happy or felt more loved than I have with him. I am looking forward to all the trials and tribulations life will bring, as well as all the fun and happiness. I think it is so important to find someone who makes you happy rather than just settling for someone who tries to make you happy. I can't wait for the wedding! I wish it could come sooner, but there are just too many people that we want to attend to just throw something together. I do however have some concerns, such as how do I plan a wedding if I've never had one, and who do I really want to help me with planning? It will all come together in time, I still have months and months to plan!
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1 Response Sep 2, 2010

am getting married sept love genarations shes 23 am 50 and we have been 2gether 5yrs we have done loads 2 gether and no wot a feeling true love is