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My Life Story

It feels like everyone in this house is against me. I'm 17 years old and I get treated like i'm nobody. I have a twin sister, a 14 year old sister, and an 11 year old sister. We live with my mom and stepdad. My twin treats me with no respect even when i'm nice to her and my other sisters treat me the same way. I feel as if it would be better for everyone if i wasn't here. I cant do anything right. I work around the house non-stop. I'm helpful and just do what i'm told. My family makes me feel like i'm the crazy one, like i'm the one that you should avoid. I honestly hate my life and I feel like somethings wrong with me because of the way my family treats me. I go to the Talbert House weekly for therapy because I have behavioral issues. well i have these issues because of the way i get treated. I get screamed at for everything. A few weeks ago, I came home for lunch during school and I was getting screamed at and I just had a mental breakdown. I broke a bunch of my own personal things and was going insane because I was just so fed up with being treated like garbage. I hold my emotions in and I had finally let it all out at once. My mom called the police and they took my down to Children's Hospital and I just felt worthless. Just no one understands that the reason I act the way I do is because my family makes me feel like a nobody, I have a few friends that put me down, and i'm pretty much alone. I have a girlfriend and shes the only one that makes me happy. On the outside, it may seem like I live a good life, but on the inside i'm just looking for someone that i can talk to. I just wish someone could see my life so I could discuss with them what i could do and to make people understand my situations.
nick0644 nick0644 18-21, M 1 Response Nov 28, 2013

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I feel you and I know how it feels I'm the whipping post in my family was well when you become of legal age move out and cut of contact for a little bit keep your grades up in school so maybe or hopefully you can move away to go to college it is what I did ad I haven't looked back