Tired, Fed Up, Confused, And Lonely

I met my husband in high school also, I felt like it was a dream come True because, we got married right after high school. He was my high school sweetheart also. But as soon as I ended up living ith him he changed. He got on myspace, tagged, facebook, zoosk, and any other social website yoU can join. He says it's only conversating to him but it's way deeper than that to me. He lies and say he's not married and everything. We been married for two years with two children and it only got worst. He don't act the same way nor treats me the same. I do my all to repair our marriage but iTs to broken.
Datsrite2 Datsrite2
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2 Responses Mar 14, 2011

On the same situation with a new born, now I can't even take good care of them.

These types of men never change! don't waste your time. You try what he does to see how ignorant towards your partner you should be to be able to do this.