Searching For My Patricia

In summer/autumn of 2009 I had a profound experience which turned my world upside down.  I had recently given blood and learnt how the black and Asian communities were three times more likely to need a kidney transplant than Caucasians.  I took upon myself to tell as many of those peoples possible.......I'm sure the Lord was shaking his head with a smile on his face, anyhow I got off the bus at a bus stop one evening outside the food hall in Central Milton Keynes.  

I met a nice looking Latino lady and I thought well she's not white and spoke with her, I remember her reply of 'I am a Christian' and then I introduced myself and she said her name was Patricia which I paid no notice to at the time.  All I cared about was telling her about her predicament  and inviting her to Faith Dimensions.  Even though we shared a few laughs and lots of smiles I had no desire to get more familiar.  It wasn't until 5mins after parting company with Patricia that I believe the Lord showed me her to be the woman of my dreams which freaked me out for a long time, and every now again I still have hope that she will appear from nowhere.

I even went to a college where they  taught ESOL in an effort to try and find her but that was not successful and I also testified to a camp teacher about how God will make a way for us to be together and next thing I knew I was being escorted off the premises by two security guards.  I think my desperation reached an all time low in trying to find Patricia when I went back to the same bus stop at the same time and saw a Latino clean shaven man and asked him if his name was Patricia, even though at the time my brain was telling me that no Alexander he is a man.

I also put an advert in my local paper last year or the year before trying to find Patricia saying something like 'Trying to find Patricia' I met you at a bus stop outside the food hall in summer 2009 and left my name and number.  I had two being from a dodgy sounding oriental lady and an abusive young man who obviously had spare time on his hands.  Before that I saw a Patricia on Christian Cafe dating site which looked very similar and after having no success making contact I contacted the local paper to where she was from and placed a similar advert.  A few weeks later I was able to contact her on Christian Cafe and she put me out of my misery and I was one step closer to finding my Patricia.

I have thought about going to Oxford to try and find her church as I remember her telling me that, but with the symptoms of my brain injury I was not looking forward to the stress involved in searching the hundreds of churches.  At the football world cup in 2010 I hung two flags from my upstairs windows to show my faith or was I reaching out in more desperation that a Brazilian person would see their flag hanging from my home and make inquiries and that they would also know Patricia.  That reminds of a time I went to the Trinity centre in Fishermead which also taught ESOL and spoke with a Brazilian woman who said that her friend Patricia was married but I didn't want to listen to her, and yes I did I leave all my contact details.
God knows what was going through her mind when she met me?

God is doing amazing things at my church.....Faith Dimensions and this our Year of Manifestation, so I will wait until the end of this year for my Patricia before my flesh man takes control and I marry another pretty Christian lady.  Up until now I have always had Patricia at the back of my mind when meeting women, so I can never give them all of my heart........Mind you I have become good friends with an attractive lady from Liverpool who has helped me in my walk.  I met her at a Benny Hinn conference in London in the summer of 2010 and was able to act unresponsive as I was thinking of Patricia mixed with slight fatigue.  Normally when I meet ladies I'm attracted to I am all smiles, so I don't understand or agree with being unresponsive when meeting the opposite sex in a psychological move both sexes use to get/show interest.  My African friends are telling me to forget Patricia as my new friend is extremely busty or as we church men say........Blessed.

My friend is coming to visit me with her son over Easter weekend and the week before I will volunteering at Spring Harvest in Minehead, returning the day before.  I've never been there before and I like meeting people and have an amazing testimony to share but I've already been told I can't share it on campus.  She is very excited about my church and she will be visiting after FDM has spent the month before in prayer.

I realize that I have got an awesome purpose considering in Dec 2009 God spoke to me through my Pastor the day after I'd got lost in my worship whilst FDM worship team was evangelizing at Bletchley band stand.  I am rather unique as I now have no inhibitions which is a great tool when it comes to worship & evangelism.  Oh yeah......God said that like the apostle Paul my grace will be sufficient and I'm going to get glory out of your life.

Last summer I had a story in the MK Citizen on page 2 with a title 'Angels helped injured Alex' and discussing the negative side of my injury and then 6wks later MK news did an amazing story with a title 'Ex soldier overcomes ski injury to run the marathon' which mentioned how all things are possible after being a Born Again Christian and how even after tragedy their's more hope with Jesus and I think that's something society lacks.

I was on UCB UK radio shortly after whilst being interviewed by Abi Gregory.  On the 23rd January I was also interviewed on BBC Three Counties radio where they wanted to discuss how my frontal lobe damage had affected me, but I would always try to thank God and even got sew some valuable seeds and got to sing at the end before I was faded out.

I know in my heart that my spouse will come when you least expect it, so I must just focus on being a Blessing and doing God's business!
The thing is I must have told all my non believing friends & family about Patricia and how when they meet her they will know and see that only God can!

I take a laminated copy of my testimony with me on my journeys to strengthen my witness on page 15
Some videos to Bless you....

I fear I'm going off on a tangent again.......LOL!  Greater is he that he that is in us and I know the plans I have for you says the Lord.  
They are plans for good.  I like to think that the Lord will use my writing........?
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Feb 28, 2012