What Do I Do??

hi me and my wife met in the college 11 years back......and one day out of the blue i proposed her through a common friend and to which she initially said no but finally accepted.
we started going around and then had a breakup(actually she dumped me).
i was heart broken as i was getting fond of her as she had this cool attitude.
it was very difficult for me to get out of her, but finally succeeded.

after 8 months she came back to me and after initial no i said yes, as this time i wanted to take revenge from her.
i treated her badly for about 1 year taking my frustration out on her, but she persevered,
and then i again fell in love with her.
we then finally decided to get married after 6 years to which both our parents agreed.

after marriage our problems again came back as we started quarrelling a lot.
i used to call her names as she would also do.some times i have hit her and so has she .

i tried to change a lot but she still does not feel satisfied.

now it has come to a stage that i just cant stay with her anymore, i have tried to change a lot for her but she never feels impressed.

i am at that stage of life where everything appears dark...we still dont have a kid yet...can u guys give me any suggestion?
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1 Response Sep 9, 2012

Dude it seems that one or both of you are bi polar and should not be together. But since for the most part I (assume) you are living a normal life ie: work, family functions, holidays, vacation together, out to dinner & a movie every now and then, sexual relations. If this is true , maybe there is something worth sticking in there and trying to work it out. Maybe bringing the parents from both sides into a round table discussion in a face to face format might help cause the real issues to become more apperant. And then perhaps it will be easier to understand what the real problems are and how to best address them/