So Boring

i have been married 36 years i am 3 1/2 years older than my husband you would think he was ten years older than me . we live opposite a social club he goes over every night we havent been out socially other than there for about 3 months we went out tonight with his brother and his wife and our 27 year old daughter (SOME WHERE ELSE)  i really enjoyed the change of scenery  and at 11 pm he wanted to go home he made it clear he would make my life a misery if i didnt go with him , and me like a little lamb went. when i got outside he still made me unhappy saying not to expect to take me out again.

i am 61 years old but not dead am i wrong to still want to enjoy myself...

other than going over HIS club and seeing the same faces ( men who are drunk watching football)

i dont drink in the week as i work

I want to enjoy my life while i still can


noriam193 noriam193
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3 Responses Dec 5, 2009

marriage just sucks most of the time, and not in a good way.

Find some friends or steal some time away for yourself. Go to a movie, or a nice ride with a friend or even by yourself ONE HAS TO TAKE THE TIME TO SMELL THE ROSES.

I know my hub likes to be in front of the TV and that is good enough for him I like to go places and do things so I try to go with a good friend or find time for myself. I can appreciate my hub is very tired after working all week......but geeezzzzz stuck in the house isn't what I want all the time either.

If you can get out of that terrible situation. He is not treating you with love. You have put in more than enough time. Unless you are a glutton for emotional pain and suffering what is the point. How could you think that you deserve to be treated so bad for so long, with no remedy in sight?