so sick of being forgettable.there when i am needed and simply forgotten when i am one knows the ache i feel when i realise once again i have been forgotten or was an after thought.i wish to disappear one day soon to discover and explore new things and myself.i know i will only be remembered when i am needed.not because i am cared for.i no longer want to be used by anyone.i love and enjoy making people happy but when will it be my turn.i need a new life and to start fresh.i want to be happy.just so afraid of being lonely.i am torn with smiling and knowing those around me are fake or with having to decide enough is enough and leaving everything behind.
freeangel freeangel
31-35, F
2 Responses Aug 3, 2010

its the little things like a call.a comment or message that can brighten ones day.thank you for your comments :)

I havent forgotten you nor will i ever.