Never Again

I believe I will never be hurt again now I've found my girl I will be hers forever no matter who or what tries to drive us apart I will be faithful till the end

I love you Olivia
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1 Response Jan 19, 2013

i love you too xxxxxxxx <3

you shall never be hurt again not from specially xxx &lt;3 just don't hurt me

good and i will never hurt you xxxxx

awww xxx i never pretend i never say something i dont mean xx

welcome xxxxxx &lt;3

well i am true babe xx

im glad too xx

lol you always make me smile coz im always thinking about you 24/7

i think about you all day and all night xx

same here

xxx ly so much i cant stand life with out you xxx

aww babe xx

same xx i miss you too so much

what if im not like you at all

i love you too xxxx

well im not sure what i am but i will always be honest

welcome and don't be xx

true i don't lie i have nothing to hide xx

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