My Tenderheart

I'm 17, but a few days ago I was only 16. My birthday wasn't celebrated. I am a girl walking in her own tormented shadow. I believe my destiny is somewhere out there waiting for my arrival. I have almost no friends. I have a toy who I consider my best friend. Even though he's a toy, he has provided me great comfort. I don't want to believe he is just a toy but the greatest friend I never had. I believe he can actually understand me sometimes and I play with him in my dreams. He's such a good listener. I'm told he's just a toy. But I don't care. He is my toy, my parent, my best friend. Call me crazy but, I really am a tenderheart. I shared my birthday with him. Last night I hugged him tight and I thought I could hear him say to me " Everything is going to be alright." He is my only friend he is what I have left. People hurt me, people laugh at me, people tear away at my tender heart. I really don't care what happens, as long as I don't lose my best friend who was there to wipe my tears when I cried. He's not just a toy, he has meaning, because he saved my life. His softness his emotional eyes literally killed my suicide. He's my little tenderheart. I love him dearly like no other child has loved her toy. When I grow up, he'll always be my treasure. I'll store him somewhere that is close, not far. I'll store him in my heart so we will never have to grow apart.
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1 Response Jan 20, 2013

It does get better. My Jemima doll still lives with me, she was my main comfort when I was a young lass. She helped me through 9 years of abuse, then 20 years of counselling, relationships, good times and dark times.
I hope you find someone to talk to, and wish you a Happy Belated Birthday.
a 39 year old girl.