Very Frustrated

Hi im 17 years old. Im in my last year of highschool and i think i am a very Pretty girl with a great friendly and warm personality. I hVe everything a teen would ever want, but i feel sort of empty. I have my family and i love them. I get frustrated at time when i realize i only have 1 best friend who i love and care for, but my other supposed best friend can never hang out. Her mother is very strict but then on monday skool when we talk she tells us how she had a great time with her boy toy.
I feel like i need a boyfriend or atleast a good guy friend to make me feel better about my life. When i Am around a guy i like they never like me back. I dont no why. Maybe i need to get away from this town for university. Can someone relate to me ?
Lonelybeinghuman Lonelybeinghuman
Sep 13, 2012