Nothing seems important anymore. It feels like I'm becoming numb. Maybe I'm just tired.. Tired of struggling.. Tired of frustration.. Tired of existing in a world where on the daily I feel inferior. No, it's not a lack of self-confidence on the interior. It's a lack of resources which lead to a lack of opportunity. Lack is a best friend of frustration. I am grateful for what I have because I know there are others far worse off. So I'll pretend as if I'm okay, but how long before I can't take the frustration anymore.
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4 Responses Aug 25, 2014

Im to, feeling really down and frustrated. I have recently moved to a province where I cant seem to make any friends for over 2 years now. huge shock to me considering I have never lacked in this department ever! Seems no one understands me at all and I cant express to you the utter loniness I feel. you welcome to Skype me on avigail7771. based in JHB south Africa. open to anyone who feels they want to chat :)

Depression does not discriminate, those that might seem to have it better can go through the same feelings of numbness and feeling lost. I know how it is. Ever need to talk you can msg me.

I was not saying it in a mean way lol I was defending that it was ok

Hang in there...The best way to overcome frustration is a positive mindset, believe that it will only get better...think about the good that you want in your life, speak it and see it happen!
stay blessed =)

That's the burden of a big heart.