I Am No Idiot

i know when i am being used.i may look sweet and gulliable.but i am no fool.people know my good nature and use it against me.i am so frustrated.i do not want to fully change but i believe with certain people one has to act out of the ordinary and stand up and put ones foot down and shout enough.through all of thepeoples raised voices and unkind acts i have become one angry and frustrated person.i will disappear one day.stop doing day to day things for those i believe do not care about me and they will notice but it will be too late.is a SORRY too much to get.i guess it is .i am sick of being taken granted for.i am human i have feelings.i have needs too just like we all do !!!!!!!
freeangel freeangel
31-35, F
1 Response Aug 3, 2010

Show the heart, show the weakness..I am with you..the, disappear idea..I am going to take that route, I think I will do better by myself than to keep getting the sh#t end of the stick(old saying) *lol*