I have been miserable all day my meds made me sick I don't know how many times so I didn't bother to eat and than I started having problems with my back and just am hurting really bad and he's not here to give me a massage my phone went off in the middle of government class and I got yelled at and embarrassed even more then I already was and as soon as I pulled into the drive way my truck died cause it ran out of gas it's one of those nights where you just want to cuddle up with your babe and go to sleep I am tired worn out and don't feel good what so ever
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1 Response Aug 18, 2014

I hope today is better than yesterday :-). You are much more than these everyday hiccups!

Here's a hug from far far away. If you have some time, take a walk in the nature, it helps me.

If you haven't already, try 'The Happiness Program' offered by the Art of Living foundation in almost any state, any city and across the globe in 152 countries.

Lots of love

Today is much better then yesterday and thanks for the hug I do get to go for walks when it's not to hot and I haven't ever heard of that program before