So in 10 days or so school is gonna start and I am going to high school from this fall. Yes, you guessed it correct I AM 14 or going to be 15. So back to the topic. The high school I am going to is complicated. Most of the kids from my middle school are going there. That only means one thing starting over the pain I went through in middle school. Not fitting, left behind and IGNORED. Well part of it was my fault. I never tried to be friends with the popular ids and did I mention that most kids in my grade were popular something. For example some people were quiet like me but they were book smart. So they go all the A's and you know what that means. THEY WERE THE TEACHERS' FAVORITE. I was not even that. The other type of groups were the sporty type (jocks). They were extremely popular. They kind of dominated the student body because people thought they were cool and stuff. There were some groups that were just popular for no plane reason. And I know I might sound really childish and immature to brag about such stupid thing when there are much worst problems in the world but it's just most of the people in my middle school knew each other for more than 5 years and I just moved schools and don't know anyone. So I won't have any friends in high school because it's gonna be the same old thing repeating as there are lots of kids from my middle school going to that high school. So to sum everything up I AM JUST FUSTRATED. I don't care about anything other than making music and making other people like me happy. (of course I care about world problems). I am sorry to waste your time so if you got any suggestions for me on how to survive high school; PLEASE LEAVE IT ON THE COMMENT.
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Aug 22, 2014